Our masseurs will have you feeling wonderful in no time. After a consultation, choose a massage according to your own ideas and requirements.

    3 in 1 massage

    A classic massage combined with hot stone massage and fire cupping is effective for acute and chronic back pain, stiff muscles, reduced mobility and tension. Can be combined with acupuncture.

    Classic relaxation massage

    Our classic relaxation massage relieves not only the muscles but also the mind, helps to prevent pain and boosts blood circulation and the metabolism. It delivers a pleasant feeling of well-being and total relaxation. You yourself can decide on the duration and focus (back, nape of neck, lower and upper limbs, face, head, abdomen) of the massage.

    Massage for children

    Gentle massage using classic massage techniques. The duration and method of massage will be adapted according to the age and temperament of your child.

    Free cupping

    A traditional Chinese healing method, it has been practiced for several thousand years. The effect is achieved by creating a vacuum in glass cups placed on the back. A very effective technique for removing muscle pain, relieving spasms, removing painful blocks, greatly improving blood and lymphatic circulation, regulating the nervous system and reviving the metabolism in stiff and painful areas. Fire cupping also has a positive effect on the internal organs.

    Reflex therapy

    Foot therapy is a technique that makes use of the fact that the internal organs and motion system possess reflective zones in the foot. The exertion of thumb pressure on these pads has a targeted impact on the organism as a whole. Depending on the wishes of the client, it can also be used as a diagnostic method for detecting imbalances in the body, often even before they appear at the physical level. You can also opt for neck and back therapy, which includes both direct and indirect unlocking of the cervical spine, shoulder blades and back treatment.


    A therapeutic method based on traditional Chinese medicine used in acute or chronic diseases. On the basis of individual consultation.

    Only natural-grade natural oils (grape seed oil, olive oil, almond oil), with the addition of 100% natural essential oils for aroma and intensified massage effect, are used during massages.