• Bazén Vlnka
  • Bazén Vlnka

Swimming pool with heated water

Guests enjoy access to our pool free of charge. The pool’s salt water is solar heated and its temperature ranges from 26 to 31°C. Some 13m long, 4.5m wide and 1.3m deep, the Vlnka pool contains saline water. The pool is either open or covered, depending on the current weather and temperature and is perfect for both leisurely and recreational swimming. It is suitable for all age categories, including small children.


The price of admission includes access to women’s and men’s changing rooms with lockers, changing tables for babies, women’s and men’s toilets, showers, covered chillout zones with loungers and outdoor sun terrace and spacious garden with deckchairs and parasols, trampoline, children’s playground, etc. We will be glad to rent you a towel (€1) while you can also purchase disposal children’s swimming diapers, should you forget to bring some. A Jacuzzi and sauna will be installed in the near future.

The water at Vlnka

The water at Vlnka is saline. The water in our pool is disinfected using a saline electrolysis process in which sea salt (sodium chloride – NaCl) decomposes, creating free chlorine. The pool’s water is very mildly saline, around one-eighth the salinity of sea water. The ratio of dissolved salt is approximately 4–5 kg to 1m3 of water. This method has major advantages over conventional chlorine disinfection (e.g., using Sodium hypochlorite). The movement of water around the electrodes, in which the chlorine is released, leads to the elimination of bound chlorine, which is a serious threat to bathers as it is acts as a carcinogen. Bound chlorine is created by the merger of organic impurities with free chlorine.

The beneficial effects of saline water are another positive of this method. It doesn’t cause skin drying, irritate the eyes or mucous membranes, or cause allergic reactions. This water is therefore suitable for even the tiniest swimmers. The water at Vlnka is disinfected through continuous recirculation. We filter the water via two 14m3/hour pumps. This means that the entire volume of the pool (c. 70m3) is filtered in less than three hours

The Vlnka’s water is heated by solar collectors or, if weather conditions are unfavourable, by heat pumps. Water temperature ranges from 26–30°C. The pool can be covered when air temperatures are lower, while there is underfloor heating in the chillout zone by the pool.